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Q: How can you line up an 92 mercury engine with a 95 mercury transmission? on 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis

My mechanic is having problems with the lining pattern for the transmission bolts. I recently got bought a 92 4.6L V8 engine to replace my 95 4.6L V8;however, I was told by different professionals that it doesn't make a difference due to how close the years were that it should fit just fine. My mechanic lately have told me that the only problem he is having is with the 92 engine lining up with the 95 transmission that it is my car. He can get one bolt in on the passenger side at the top but the rest he can't get in.. Can someone please help, because I am in need of m car????

Thank You In advance!!! Merry Christmas and happy new year
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So basically there is no way he can line it up in my car????

According to him everything is else is hooked back up fine,but that...So i guess I just put in a lot of time and effort in getting this car fix and it's not due to the 92 engine not compatible with the 95 transmission.....
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I have done a lot of work on Crown Vic's and thought they were the same then one around that '92 year needed an engine so he bought a newer year model engine with lower miles and brought it to me to install. Won't work you can look at the difference by setting them side by side. The shape and bolt pattern are obviously different. Sorry you asked the wrong so called mechanics. Other makes some stayed but not the Ford 4.6L. Ford had a better idea. Sorry I didn't build it.
Yea I hate to tell my fiancee that we wasted money and time on my car and it's not going to get fixed....Damn I messed up...

I think the only way for it to work would be to get an 92 transmission with the converter and Im sure it will work then.....
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I don't remember what year it changed. The wrecking yard should have a list of when. Call and ask first.
Yea I can get an auto trans/w converter for about 150 or so... I appreciate you responding and happy holidays and new year, this should be fun telling her this... The place I went I can only email them,I cant call them
One more question..So If I get the 92 transmission w/ converter to go along with the engine..Will that fix the 95 mercury grand marquis body??? Just wanna make sure before I make the wrong call again...
I meant fit the body....Just trying to make sure that it wont be any space where the engine or trans will fall out the car or anything after it's fixed.... Im trying not to have any more complications, once I get this car fixed..
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A lot of the body components stayed the same for a few more years. I think the late 90's they changed some things then in 05 or 06 they changed again. Then some engine changes in 2010. Might have trans mount issue but can change the tail housing or modify a bracket.
So basically I need to get the transmission/w converter for the 92 engine in order for it to line up correctly!!! Just let the guy know who is doing the work to expect some trans mount issues; other than that everything is should be just fine hopefully
Alright well thanks for the help and advice.. Ill pass it on to my mechanic...

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