Q: How can I tell if fan clutch is OK or needs to be replaced? on 2002 Ford Ranger

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Truck will overheat in hot weather. To get it to cool down I need to turn on the heater on high and let the blower motor help to cool engine down.
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You could have a thermostat issue also...

To check the fan clutch -- With the engine off:

Check for any oil leaks at the clutch. If there are any - replace it.

Check for any looseness - could be sign of failure.

Check to see if it's too tight or too loose spinning. Replace it either way.
OK I did not see any oil leaks at the clutch. The fan is not tight but maybe is alittle loose. When I compare it to the clutch on my big pick-up it spins easier, but the big pick-up has a power stroke diesel so I don"t know if the two can be compared or not. The fan in the ranger has alittle wobble to it when I wiggle the fan blades from side to side. Should I be replacing the fan clutch,or maybe start with the thermostat first. Thanks.
Which engine is it?

I would think thermostat first...purge the air out of the cooling system, and then recheck.
It is the 2.3 liter engine. I think I will start with the thermostat first. Thanks again.
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