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Q: How can I make my wipers resume proper function after being forced to move? on 2003 GMC Envoy

The wipers were frozen in place and the wiper motor was apparently strained when my son started the car not knowing the wiper switch was 'on'. They still work somewhat but when they stop, they're pointing up instead of laying down and they won't do full sweeps back and forth in anything but the two highest settings. And of course when I turn them off, they stop in that same 'up' position, even though they were just making full passes just moments before. Unless there's more than one fuse, it's not a fuse issue. Any help would be much appreciated. Is there perhaps a way to reset the wiper motor's rotation/cycle?
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If the fuse was bad the wipers would not work at all, so forget the fuse. The wiper arms need to be removed and reset at the normal stop position. They are secured by a nut mounted to a stud on the wiper transmission. If you know someone who could do this for you ok, otherwise a mechanic can do it pretty easily and won't take just a few minutes. If something was broken I don't think they would sweep a full stroke. Good Luck.
Thanks for the prompt reply! It's not that they've shifted on the posts. In the higher settings, the sweep is accurate. I fear that something internally has been upset within the motor itself. If I alter the position of the wiper in an attempt to create a new or modified start position, they just 'bottom out' essentially straining the motor yet again. Besides, the sweep to the left hasn't been altered. That's just where it should be. If they had shifted, logically, I would think that they would be hitting the on the left-most part of their sweep. In the two uppermost settings, all is well (although they do seem slower than they should be but I have nothing to compare them to for proof) until I shut off the's only then that they do the weird normal, they sweep back and forth a couple times to 'settle down' except that on the second, and usually final, sweep, they abruptly and loudly stop, standing almost straight up! That loud clunk sounds suspiciously like a $300 wiper motor and that's what I'm trying to avoid. BTW -- I'm not a mechanic, but I have done things such as changing the water pump, which isn't rocket science I know, but isn't changing a tire either. I only added the bit about the fuse to save someone knowledgeable such as yourself the time of telling me to check the fuse. Just tryin' to keep my wife's car out of the shop. Rob
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It sounds like you have some common cense; How can you alter the position of the wiper going further left unless you set your wiper to low . The wipers are still sweeping the full sweep, except the delay, it will sweep and stop at center. Do whatever you feel, If your going to replace the wiper motor then do that, but the linkage is still causing them to wipe in their normal range, just the stop issue. ProfessorG
If I came across as argumentative, that certainly wasn't my intent. I already have taken the wipers off their posts and tried to alter the start positions. I'm sorry if the way I described what I had done didn't make that clear. I did it to only one at a time and then to both simultaneously. I tried everything I could w/o removing the vented black shroud along the windshield that protects the linkage. I also just read your latest reply four times and I am not sure what you're saying. It seems that I may have rubbed you wrong somehow, which again was not my intent at all, but I've read and reread it twice and cannot tell what you're trying to convey. I really do not want to buy a new wiper motor. If I can avoid that, it would be awesome. I just cannot afford another expense like that right now. You stated " The linkage is still causing them to wipe in their normal range, just stop the issue". I really want to stop the issue - I just don't know how, and was hoping to gain some insight here. Thanks - and my apologies again for coming across as anything but willing to learn. BTW just to clarify - when I say 'left' with regard to swing, that's from sitting in the driver's seat looking out- not from outside the car looking at the windshield. Thanks Rob
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I'm half asleep, Typo, meant to say it's just the stop issue. Meaning the wipers are still going the same range as they always did, just the issue of the stopping point, being up. If they're reset at the normal stop point they should normal for awhile. If they go down to the bottom and strain, they would normally be set in the wrong position unless they backup before wiping forward. In that case the motor does need to be replaced. The cost for me at O'Reilly's is $153.00. My Mind talks to me and my fingers can't keep up.
I'm sorry to be a pain in the rump Professor but could you reword these two sentences you wrote? -

"If they're reset at the normal stop point they should normal for awhile. If they go down to the bottom and strain, they would normally be set in the wrong position unless they backup before wiping forward."

I really, really want to understand what you're saying but I fear I'm missing the true meaning of what you're trying to get across.

Thanks - Rob
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