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Q: How can I know if my Toyota dealership is giving me the best/fair prices? on 2007 Toyota Matrix

I was told to get my engine replaced every 5 years.
I also had to get a valve adjustment.
Are these necessary?
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Complete and CORRECTLY phrased questions will lead to more correctly phrased answers. AND far as any business goes..........been said for a long time.......If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bulls---. You got the latter of the two at that place.
He got his engine replaced for only $85, and insists that is bull! What I don't understand is why he doesn't think he is getting a fair price when the gentleman got a deal of his lifetime! Or he is trying to baffle me with his bull.
No there is no "bull". I don't have a lot of experience dealing with the mechanic. I still have a lot to learn about this world. Please continue to provide advice in the future.
Ask and you shall receive...okay gentleman...I think you got a fair price for your service and valve adjustment because it is tedious to do a valve adjustment on this engine...however, be honest with yourself, was your engine noisy? even slightly noisy? or extremely quiet? Cause if it was really quiet, then you did NOT NEED a valve adjustment. About your engine replacement, do us all a favor and inquire from your dealership exactly what was meant by that because engine replacements costs serious money. (like $3500 for your vehicle)
Thank you for your time responding back to me. Your responses are appreciated. When the mechanic started the car, he heard something not right. For me, I cannot tell at that time if the ignition when starting the car was right. Since they replaced the engine and valve adjustment, I can can feel a better difference starting the car and driving. As for exactly what they did on the engine, I'll get back to you later on in the week.
Please do , and to be clear my statement meant they were the ones throwing the 'bull' , not you. I just think there is something lost in the interpretation........ Thank you for playing....please try again.........<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>> 11/29-------NOW that we see your response and itemized charges , we see the 'category' was 'engine' the PART was BATTERY- that is complete info , and makes a lot more sense and the price is reasonable. Thank you , for replying with the list. The charges all look reasonable for a dealership.
You should know that your dealership provides the best high prices...I would be worried about how you take care of your car if they recommend that you replace the engine every five years...are you driving 1000mi/week?
No I do not drive 1000 miles/week. But they showed me a meter showing a bad battery, foot prints, and leaking acid. Did I do the right thing by getting the engine replaced and valve adjustment taken care of?
Do you have to ask??? So you got your engine changed for only $85...That's a deal of the lifetime...understand?
You requested to know what exactly was done on my engine.

For Job #1 (45,000 mile service): (Element Sub-Assy $21.95, Int SVC $48.42, total parts $70.37) Total Labor & Parts: $164.84
But they made an extra "$94.47" for labor.

For Job #2(Replacing Engine): (Replace battery $10.00, Battery $69.95) Total Labor & Parts: $79.95

For Job #3:(Valve Adjustment): (Valve Adjustment $388.39, Gasket Cylinder $31.27, Washer Seal $3.34) Total Labor & Parts: $423.00

Misc. Discharge was $1.40, Tax was $13.56 and then the Total Invoice was $682.75, but I got a small discount based on savings ($3.94) so I paid $678.81

Is this all reasonable and necessary?
Did I do the right thing by getting the engine replaced and getting the valve adjustment?
Is $94.47 a reasonable price for labor for a 45,000 mile service?
Why is the labor for valve adjustment so expensive ($388.39)?
What can I do to prevent rodents entering underneath my car's (Corolla Matrix 2007) hood on top of my engine?

Thank you ,
my anser would be no way would you replace your engine replaced after only 5 years if you do proper care of your car it could last you for 15 yaers
How do I know if I have been ripped off or not? He told me and another mechanic showed me the meter for the engine. They said it was bad. They saw foot prints of critters like mice underneath the cover. They also saw leaking acid. And then he was also recommending me to do a valve adjustment. This costs a bit over $500.00 Did he do the right thing or not by replacing the engine and doing the valve adjustment?
Get all the info. and get back to us. Something don't sound right with your question. No way all that work could have been done for that little amount of money! What was done to your engine exactly???
ok gentleman your first queston was I was told. but yor second is did he do the right thing. foot prints of mice,leaking acid.
The dealer said it would cost about $85.00 to replace the engine and about $425.00 to do a valve adjustment. The rest of the service was for my 45,000 mile service. The total pay was around $682.00 To me, this is not little money. This was a lot of money. Did I get a fair deal or not?
I understand now, and since that is the case, they are giving you the BEST prices on engine replacements and you should take advantage of that...having your engine changed for $85 is a NO-BRAINER. What I don't understand now though is why you would have doubts about it...
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