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Q: How can I get power back to my ignition after already replacing starter?
on 1996 Honda Accord

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I turn key all the way and nothing. No sounds. No dash lights. With key in on position I get no radio, no heat/ac, no power to roll windows up or close sunroof! But my headlights are working as well as dome lights and circular ring around key insert. That's it. Replaced, ignition switch and main relay and nothing. Fuses are good. But why wouldn't I not get power to my dash or other electrical components when ignition is in on position? Please help
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Do you have a voltmeter , to check for power at the main fuses (80-100 amp) in the underhood fuse box? Check source right after the battery cable connects to the box. May be a 'multi-fuse' that you would need to disconnect to check.
I do have a volt meter and as soon as it stops storming outside, I will get right on that! What am I looking for?
IF the battery is reading 12.3V , then to start with , you should get at least within a 10th of a volt from that at the fuse box (underhood to start with). Follow from there and see where you lose power. Also check all grounds including battery neg. for corrosion and or poor contact.
Ok. Does pouring coca cola on it work? Lol. I've heard of it neutralizing the corrosion but it's a cheap thing to do just to be sure. What do you think?
maybe , but it won't get into 'sealed' spaces like BETWEEN the battery post and terminal connector , best to remove and clean properly , shortcuts often take a lot longer then their actually worth. I know your weather sucks right now , I'm not to far from you , it's cold & rainy , so I'd hate to be you right now , if you know what I mean. Good luck.I'll keep checking back , if you make sure your homework stays a priority!
Ok used voltage meter and getting 12.5 volts all the way to fuse box and ground from battery is good. I'm so frustrated right now. Would my ignition tumbler prevent car from getting power cuz I only changed out the switch?
Did you just change the key portion or the electrical portion on the other side? the electrical portion is the 'switch which controls the power to all the ' switched' circuits. Power to that?
I only replaced the switch. How can I test if that is receiving power? Sorry it's took so long to respond. Got a new job due to not having a car
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