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Q: How can I get Honda Corporation to assist with transmission costs? on 2001 Honda Accord

Honda issued extended warranty on 2001 transmission (among other years) in 2002, 1 year after I bought the car. They replaced it for free at 60,000 miles due to engine check light coming on and some gear shift problems, nothing major was happening. Since then the transmission problems have become very serious, and since I have over 109,000 miles and is past the extended warranty, I think Honda Corp should be held accountable. I have Honda service the car every time on time throughout the life and never missed a service requirement. The replacement tranmission, installed and provided by Honda Dealer in Irvine, CA, has now been rebuilt 3 times, and 10,000 miles after the last rebuild, is going to need it again, reverse is slipping (a first) and error code says the 3rd gear cellonoid (shift) is failing. current mileage is 203,000.
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You state that the replacement trans. was installed by a dealer , but don't state who 'rebuilt' it 3 times. Is it a V6 or a 4 Cyl. ?
It's a 4 cylinder. Since dealers don't rebuild, and the dealer could not find a used one, I took it to a transmission shop that was recommended by Pep Boys, in Santa Ana, California. He rebuilt it for $1300 with a 6/6 warranty. He also does work for other dealerships.
When I took it in to a Honda dealer this weekend, and related how the transmission went out the first time (at 133,000 the new transmission that Honda put in at about 60,000 miles), they told me it was a 'castrotrophic' failure - no warning, the car was stopped at a signal and when signal went green, car would not move.
Note that I probably won't use the shop again since he rebuilt it 2 more times for free and won't do that again (he also had it towed for free both times), and I am too far away from Santa Ana right now so took it to a Honda dealer that was close to me over the weekend.
Sorry , but the age mileage and the history of aftermarket rebuilds I don't think I can offer any good suggestions. I wish you the best.
Yes now it is old with miles, but at 130,000 the transmission catastrophically fails (with about 60,000 miles on it)? And it's a new Honda transmission installed by a Honda dealer due to the extended warranty? I think Honda Corporation needs to assist for PAST costs, and in my case, now it appears that the transmission that's been rebuilt was no good in the first place, and this is the subject of my original message.
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