Q: How can I fix Code P0171 - Left Bank Running too Lean on 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

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Hi, I have a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GT (3.8L L36 Motor - Normally Aspirated). After the car not running for 4 weeks - would stall aout after warm up with no Codes display) I fianlly deducted that it was the MAF Sensor. I replaced the MAF 4 Days ago and finally took it on a So Cal Freeway in bumper to bumper traffic. Ran great, but then received the Code P0171 - Lean Bank1 and it has trouble accelerating and actually does appear that one bank is lean, becasue my exhaust on one side has white smoke. Grrrr.
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your exhaust system joins to one pipe on the rear of the engine and only separates into duel exhaust after the catalytic converter, so smoke on one side is not really an indicator that a certain bank has a problem. white smoke usually indicates some kind of fluid entering the engine through the intake system. these engines are notorious for developing engine coolant leaks in the intake manifold. The EGR valve directs exhaust gases through the lower intake manifold then through what is called a stove pipe through the upper intake manifold (which is made of a thermo plastic) to the intake air stream. This "Stove Pipe" gets very hot and will eventully melt the upper intake manifold which has coolant flowing around the stove pipe. I had this problem. got the lean code, with no real problems, then pow, white smoke and very soon an engine which will not run. The repair, if this is your problem is pretty easy with minimal engine knowledge, and a good repair manual. and NAPA has a great upper manifold with revised stove pipe. the problem is trying to see if coolant is in the intake manifold behind the throttle body and some disassembly is requirid to confirm if this is your problem.
so what did you actually do did you change the gaskets im lost n need this done asap
I have the same car, same year and engine and experienced the same failure of the MAF the P0171 code after replacement. I've changed the upstream o2 sensor and it had no effect...still searching.
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