Q: how can i disable my anti theft alarm? on 1997 Volkswagen Jetta

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i cleaned off my battery terminals this morning went to reconnect and mt alarm wont go key will unlock the drivers door and start the car,however my key will not unlock the passangers door or the trunk and the push button between the seats recently stopped working to unlock the trunk.when i bought the car it did not come with a remote.and you need to unlock passanger and trunk to reset alarm or remote,niether i=of which i can do

.could you please tell my how to disable the alarm,because as of right now it wont even turn over until i get this figured out...thank you mike hume
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Good luck, I have been trying that for a year!!!! Picture this.....I disconnected the entire alarm module, disconnected all the pins, hot wired the starter interrupt and even removed the relay. Installed new battery, freakin alarm went off, horn, lights flashing, et cetera. How can this be??????? Alien technology, Gremlins? Ghosts? Do what I did, bring it to an alarm professional and either replace the alarm or have him/her rip it out!!! Good luck!!!! Oh, if your problem is just starting, connect a wire lead between top starter motor connector (single wire) straight to the battery with the ignition on, make sure you are in park or neutral. The car will start! Positive side of battery, car will turn over instantly so don't be surprised. Hope this helps.