Q: How can I determine if I have a oil leak or not ? on 1996 Acura RL

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Everytime I stop at a red light or even a stop sign or have to stop the car for any reason I notice smoke coming from under the hood on the passenger side towards the back where the engine sits it smells once I start driving.I get regular oil changes and maintence done on the car not sure what the problem could be.
(2) Answers
This is likely an oil leak, probably from the valve cover gasket. You'll need to visibly look at the engine for wetness around the valve covers and other areas. The engine should be dry, so any wetness is signs of a leak.

I drive a 96 Acura TL and I had smoke coming from my hood due to a rear seal oil leak. The answer is yes you do have an oil leak probably from your rear seal. I had mines repaired a year ago and now the main seal is leaking. I took my car to the shop yesterday to have it repaired. It could run you around 400-500 dollars for this type of repair just to let you know.

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