Q: How can I completely omit antitheft system? on 2001 Ford Explorer

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The vehicle was in an accident and somehow a copper ring in the ignition or column broke and the engine cranks and will run with a shot of ether for a few seconds, but will not turn over and run off fuel pump... I only want to be able to get it running so that I can use it on my property, being that my property is a farm and I'm always needing work vehicles... Any quick and preferably free/cheap solutions?
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Copper ring? If the transceiver is what you are referring to, it simply gets the PATS keys identification code and transmits it on the data bus to the PATS module. The transceiver can be replaced easily with no programming required. The right way to approach this is you need a suitable scan tool and pull codes to confirm if the PATS module is getting the key ID or not. There is no eliminating the system, but a qualified tech can restore it efficiently.
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It's programmed into the computer; would have to change programming. Buy another key reader and put it back on, (ring).
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