Q: HOw can I check to see if my thermostat is working? on 1993 Honda Accord

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1993 Honda Accord, 4cyl - Engine temp rises when at idle. Top radiator hose is hot, bottom radiator hose barely warm. Is that a thermostat issue? How can I make sure before I try to replace?
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how high is the guage going? Do the radiator cooling fan(s) operate when the guage reaches about halfway?Coolant comes out of rad. back to engine from bottom hose , so I would hope it's cooler , otherwise your rad. is not working.Sounds like normal operation.
Yes, after driving a while and then idling at a stop the temp gauge goes up just short of the red zone. Then when I take off again the needle moves back to the middle range. The radiator fan only goes on after I've stopped and turned the vehicle off.
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