Q: Hot wire touched chasis & sparked. Cranks,won't start. Lights on,no check engine on 1998 Cadillac Catera

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I never had a problem starting the car before. Today I touched the red hot wire to the chasis and a spark came up. Now the car cranks but won't start. When I turn the key all the dash lights come on except the check engine light. What could be the problem? Does anyone know where is the main fuse to the car? What is the main fuse?
Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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Hi. I don't own the same kind of car you have, nor have I worked on one. But I suspect that there is a power control center of some kind under the hood of the car. Check for something like that. It should be made of plastic and have a few tabs to press and/or hold to remove the lid. If it exists, there should be a ton of fuses and relays inside the box.

I checked a little -- The ECM Housing is located on the left side of the engine compartment in the relay center. That relay center contains relays and fuses that you should inspect.
Thank you. Could the spark have caused either the Fuel Pump Relay or the Engine Control Power Relay to fail?
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