Hose leaks when car overheats on 2005 BMW 325i

Water & steam leak on the upper radiator hose connection when the car starts to heat up. this just started yesterday and it happens right after car reaches three quarters on the heat gage

by in San Fernando, CA on May 22, 2011
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ANSWER by on May 22, 2011
It may be a leaking upper rad. hose or radiator. I suggest to get it repaired immediately, before you overheat the engine. The head gasket could go out easily on this engine, the cyl. head bolts can pull out the thread from the engine block. If that happens you need a new engine, a $ 10,000+ repair. Zee
COMMENT by on May 22, 2011
i performed the fan clutch test and it failed. looks like i will be replacing it
ANSWER by on May 23, 2011
car must not be driven, it very easy to damage the engine due to overheating. better to spend $50 on towing that a new engine!
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