Q: Hood paint bubbleing up/recall? /fix? /what's the problem? on 2003 Buick LeSabre

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This is the 2nd Buick LeSabre that the hood paint bubbled up. What is the problem? I had heard something about a recall. Anyone have knowledge of this? And does it apply if I bought the car used from a dealership? How do I go about fixing it? Thanks for any help in advance.
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I cannot find any service bulletins regarding the paint on your hood. Can you tell if the top clear coat is peeling or are the bubbles actually under the color? Clear coat peeling has been a problem off and on for years. I would recommend to contact your local dealer or GM customer service regarding recalls and possible help with any needed repairs. I can check recalls for you if you can supply the VIN number.
I have the same problem on a '01 Lesabre.
Mine started at the leading edge of the hood above the headlight were the hood rubs on a rubber seal. I believe that the paint wore of in that area allowing road salt to attack and corrode the aluminum.
i don't have the answer either, but this guy seems to be well informed about this issue and has very similar paint issues