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Honda Civic Si (11 Reviews)
I am the proud owner of one of these vehicles, currently with 163K miles. Even after upgrading bolt-ons and putting performance brake system/17" tires, she still gets 36 hwy and 30 city! Everyone who sees or drives it, LOVES it…I routinely have offers on my windshield from random strangers.

Easy to maintain with a little TLC and respect for maintenance schedules. I have never been disappointed by its reliability.

Drawback: it works great with small children but gets a bit crowded when they get bigger (lol…so I make them get their own rides if they get big enough to complain), esp since it is a hatchback.

There are fewer and fewer of these vehicles around, so worth even more to me to keep in tip top shape.

Recommendation: the 2006 Honda paint "Fiji Blue Pearl" is gorgeous on this vehicle, esp with great wheels…every girl appreciates a classic dress and sexy heels ;)

My 90 has 286,000 and counting. Bought in new and it still brings major smiles all the time. It's been my everyday car to work and for fun from day one and I dunno what to say except I think Soichiro Honda made a deal with supernatural forces on behalf of the CRX because it's excellence has not diminished in the 20 plus years of driving it.
A fast car...looks very nice and rare to get...
love my car and now with 725 hp on it is just to good stable car pplz tell me why so much in that newer civic is heavier but i say that much power u need a stable car not a go cart like those crx to get my self kill when the car fly instead of drive lol but i love my car
Best Car I owned (still do)
I love this car... the power train and engine is bullet prove. I had to have my AC tubes replace and that's pretty much the only problem i had. My car is already at 90,000 mile.

PS... i brought home a 46" tv with this car with ease....
older hondas are just fun
Had an Acura GSR before and my '05 Civic SI is so very fine. Love its reliability and its performance.
Great car, very reliable and fun to drive!
Have had this car for 19 years, and it is truly an amazing car. It needs a new clutch , but is worth the cost of repair.
engine loves to rev, quick reliable little car.