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Honda Civic Hybrid (11 Reviews)
The car is a piece of crap. I have had problems with the car from the time that I bought it. The tires wore out in 6 months, the door locks did not work, the break system failed (at a cost of $3,000) the windows stopped working, on an on. I feel cheated because I thought Hondas were reliable- able to go $200,000 without a serious problem. I will never buy another Honda, ever.
Have had the car for 11k miles and like my 2007 Civic IMA has never had one problem, ever! However, this year Hybrid seems a little slower off the line than the 2007. Also, gas mileage is not as good as it goes into battery preservation mode more often.

Some things to remember about Hybrids and the Civic. This car does not like heavy loads, like four big passengers. In the mountains, and very steep drives it is a real disadvantage. There is very little ground clearance so it is good roads only. The Civic is very good in snow (surprise) but can't handle big quantities because of tires and ground clearance.
Finally, this is not a great car for very hot climates because the AC runs off the battery and in bad traffic in hot weather you will be down in the high twenties for MPG, not bad, but you will not be real cool either.

So this really is a city car for moderate climates. Not sure about San Francisco though. In Washington, DC, I get close to 40 mpg most of spring and fall. Don't believe the "haters" but also don't get swayed by the FanBoys.

Update: looks like the battery is bad and Honda is replacing it. Went through three incidents where the battery charge would jump around and then the check engine light and sometimes IMA light would come on. Also engagement of the IMA motor was herky jerky.

Another symptom of a bad battery is sub standard fuel economy, so curious to see if this corrects the fuel economy. Will find out and report.

Update: after the battery replacement if mileage is good but not great, 33 in town at the moment with mild weather.

Honda service continues to be excellent. Typically get the car back with a free wash and interior vacuum, and that is for a service that costs $200. This car is beyond cheap to run and with gas at $4 a gallon don't use much of it.
Thrifty and practical commuter car. Almost 36K miles now with no problems. Excellent service by B___n's Honda! The only real problem is the absolute boredom of driving this car and the limitations faced by Hybrids in general. Braking is a little quirky, and as with all Honda's too much road noise.
A good car but many days long for something that owns the road like a Beemer or Audi.

5 years and 46000 miles without problems, this is the most reliable car ever but still a drag to drive. This car has probably saved me 10k in expenses but makes me long for a Porsche Boxster that is always in the shop.

Also note that the air conditioning is weak, cannot recommend this car for hot areas!
My '04 hybrid was put on the road September 2004. Currently odometer reads 53,162. Mostly local driving with several 400 to 600 mile round trips annually.

It does not ride like a Honda Odyssey but it does get better fuel economy and the ride is acceptable. Typically, fuel economy is 35mpg during AC usage months and 41mpg in cooler months. Fuel formulation because of regional ozone non compliance also makes a hit on fuel economy. The vehicle has been largely trouble free. But it does have its quirks.

Most significant quirk is steering. First car I have ever driven that has electrical powered steering. The quirk varies in severity but till frustrating. It seems that unlike hydraulic power steering my hybrid on really bad days requires 100% correcting in order to more or less stay in between the white line marking on the highway. Hydraulic power steering seems to have a null point in the straight ahead driving position where minimal correction is required. Try as I may I find myself on some days continually adjusting to the left and then to the right to maintain sort of straight ahead driving. This over correcting condition is dangerous in heavy multilane traffic. The dealer can not detect my complaint when test driving the hybrid.

Obviously, I can drive it or it wouldn't have 53 thousand miles on it and the fact that I still have it. It just seems like this quirky drive ought to have a fix. My bet is that it is the sensitivity adjustment [if there is such a thing] on the electrical powered steering. So far I get no response when I make that comment to a mechanic other than maybe disbelief.

Has anyone else ever reported this condition?
168,000 miles averaging 49 mpg (mostly highway). Second set of tires about ready for replacement. Original plugs, brakes, etc.; only change the fluids regularly. Last summer replaced the a/c compressor which I run year round. Check engine and IMA lights come on when the temperature drops but go away when it warms up. Dealer can't figure it out! If/when the battery dies, I'll see how long I can run it on just the 4 cylinders. Should still get over 30 mpg.
My 2003 Civic Hybrid is great. I get around 42 - 43 MPG. I drive quite fast and don't even try to get high miles on it. Most of my driving is on the highway. The car is great and at 130,000 miles the maintenance has been excellent except for 1 thing. The transmission died just after the warrenty expired. Honda covered 3/4 of the cost. Other than that the car has 0 rust and is in great overall condition. Engine runs smooth and the AC still pumps. Much better than my 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee which was falling apart just under 90,000 miles.
Havent had any problems except for transmission shudder which they partially fixed by burnishing. I feel the problem coming back and now they will replace the starter clutch, at least they extende the warranty to 7yrs--100000miles
Just did front pads at 91000, i think thats pretty damn good
I bought my Hybrid in May of 2005. I have 171,000 on it at this time, and the only problem has been the shuddering at take-off due to bad clutches in the electric assist trans. Honda will not help with the replacement cost of around $1300.
I have averaged 55MPG on the tankful on occasion, and am still at around 48 on the highway. I'm hoping that the clutch replacement being done tomorrow will increase the mileage to back over 50 where it was when I bought it. I just replaced the spark plugs at 170,000 miles, even though it still ran smoothly. I'm on my second set of tires at 171K, and replaced the front brake pads at 150K, even though they still had 50% left on them.
The body shows no signs of rust anywhere, the doors and gaskets are still tight, and all accessories function as new. I believe at around 300-400K, I may consider buying a new one, but for now, it's paid for and continues to provide me good service. "If it ain't broke.........
best mpg
goood car
Bought for $13,900.00 in 2005 with 27,000 mi. now at 100,000 and I am surprised at the amount of depreciation (dealer said $2500.00) Blue book at around $3300 (could be the high mileage) . Car has been average to good in terms of mpg (38 - 49 mpg) but varies wildly. Sensitive to gas quality (I can tell when I get a bad tank). Am about to spend $2000 to replace the O2 , front struts,and cat converter! Car is ok but i miss my 87 civic 5-door which I bought used - drove for 15 years and logged 300,000 miles!