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Honda Accord Hybrid (9 Reviews)
everything on the HONDA hybrid is Japan's revenenge for the A bomb.
Nothing on this HONDA hybrid is right. The parts are very expensive
and its a classic lemon. After 80,000 its a bucket of wasted money
and the pitful fuel savings are down the drain. HONDA are you listening to your A bomb revenenge. I am out thousands of dollars for
2005 Honda Accord Hybrid with 245,000 miles. I was lucky and have had no warranty work in the warranty period. This car has been the easiest car to keep than any I have every owned. The only none schedule maintenance was a inoperative noise canceling system that occurred at about 110,000 miles. The car when running on 3 cylinders ECON Mode would make a annoying hum. Because of my engineering back ground I perform all of my own maintenance on my vehicles. After following Honda's well documented service manual troubleshooting, I replace the noise canceling control module at the cost of about $180.00. Unfortunately, I have not had a positive experience with other Honda's at the dealership with warranty work. I believe than technology has past the skill level of many technician employed by manufacture dealerships. This simple guess and replace parts approach does not work on these more complexed cars. The technician are not accustom to referring to service manuals and following manufacture recommendations for troubleshooting. So, if there is a problem with a car that the technician is unsuccessful in correcting the first time, combine with the frustration of unnecessary additional expense replacing parts, leaves us the customer with a bad taste in our mouth.
I bought this car used and wished I would have did more research and if you have one I suggest you get rid of it. There's a loud noise at times, have did some research and some people say its a noise cancellation problem inside the speakers. The biggest problem I'm having is the IMA battery. The engine light and the IMA came on at the same time took it to the dealership they said I needed the regular battery so I spent $125 to replace, but the two lights still on so they recommend it was the IMA electric battery. I searched around and found a used one from a salvage yard for $975. 5 Months later the lights come back on and my mileage went from 25 in city to about 19.7. So I take it back to dealership which is 135 just for diagnostic they recommended it needed software update that would cost me another 150, but not guaranteed that's the problem it still could be the IMA. Which would cost about 3500 at the dealership. If I can fix this problem and get the lights off I'm getting rid of this car. Honda put out a vehicle that not even their techs no how to work on or no anything about. They also neglected to inform the consumers about the high cost to replace these batteries. Stick with a regular car never going with another hybrid.
My instrument panel no longer indicates that the IMA is operating. Thus I have no idea if I still have a Hybrid or only using gasoline. Originally a green light/line of lights on the left and blue on the right indicated charging and assist. In the center was a small green light indicating ECON.
Now I just have a small white square on all the time the engine is on.
I don't know if this is an electrical problem or an engine problem.

I have been totally satisfied with this vehicle and have talked with two Honda dealers about the situation. They have not come up with answers.
This car was $30k, 2 motors later one motor sucked a spark plug in to piston, ya go figure. and 260k miles now car is on last leg. Noise chip was $825.00, special tires, brakes and every part is hybrid part so you pay extra.
I dont know i think i had a lemon 1st year of accord hybrid.
Honda engineers are laughing.
Bought this 2005 Accord Hybrid with 23k on it. After 1 month started getting a very unpleasant vibration that shutters the whole car usually at 265902858 rPM, That equatrs to alot of normal speeds 23mph, 35-43 mph, 50-61mph. Honda could not fix it while under warranty. After the warranty expired they claimed replacing the torque converter would correct this situation, $2400 later--no help. I will copy and print and take it to my mechanic to see what he thinks of that.
Although the Honda Accord claims to be a gas saver and boosts a 26 city/37 highway accolade... we are only getting about 19-20 in the City. On major interstates with no hills we do claim a 34 mpg rating.
One major problem we had with the car with a vibrating noise. The Honda dealership in Dubuque here did not want to address the problem at first (still under warantee at the time) we did our own research and found out it was a harmonic speaker vibrator in the front dash. It is a noise cancelling system Honda uses to deaden any engine/road noise. Eventually after calling Honda directly, the local dealership did replace the parts. It was a 6 month headache getting to that point though.
If your car makes a vibrating noise this is problem the problem. It sounds like you are constantly driving over those bumps that make you wake up if you are sleeping. Usually the noise comes at around 40mph or higher.
Engine light also comes on every few thousand miles or so -- Honda dealship says this is just a bad sensor that is way in the engine and hard to get to. Unplugging the battery for 5 minutes usually corrects this problem.

Overall, we are extremely unhappy with this car. Although it does drive like a dream -- the milage isn't there... something we wanted when we bought the car. Also another bad feature is that there is no spare tire... only a blow up doll type tire. (can't go far).
This car is a pleasure to drive and maintenance costs have been really low, even for a Honda.
Gas mileage is 26 in town and around 35 on highway with great acceleration.
Honda doesn't make the Accord Hybrid any more.
Gas mileage is better in the Honda Civic if you are interested in maxing that out