Honda Accord Hybrid Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your Honda Accord Hybrid

Honda Accord Hybrid Problems

Honda Fuel Pump Relay Recall

Honda issued a recall on some 2005 Accord Hybrid models due to a defective fuel pump relay. If the fuel pump relay fails, the car will stall or fail to start. For more information on this recall please click here»

Mis-manufactured AC evaporator

On some models a mis-manufactured AC evaporator core can cause the AC to cool poorly. The AC evaporator needs to be replaced for the AC to cool properly.

Chirping Noise From Timing Belt Due to Misaligned Idler Pulley

A chirping noise coming from the timing belt area can be caused by a misaligned, or tilted idler pulley.

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Honda Accord Hybrid Questions

Malfunction Indicator Lamp(MFI)/check engine light indicates spark plug misfire (1 answer)

This car ran perfectly until timing belt change at 105K. Current mileage 160K. Since then MFI periodically comes on. Code says fouled spark plug(s) Changing fouled plug(s) is only a temporary fix (5 K miles). Dealer has changed all spark plugs, adjusted valves. Compression testing shows near pe...

my car throws out white smoke &knocking sound from engine (2 answers)

I have a 2005 Honda accord hybrid and only had it 2 weeks and its throwing out white smoke and there's a noise coming out the engine what can that be and how much would it coast me to fix

Hello, when My ECO engages on my Accord hybrid it seems like there is a misfire, it runs really rough. Also the gas mileage has suddenly fallen way off, 24mpg. What could this be? (2 answers)

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Honda Accord Hybrid Recalls

Hybrid System Enters Fail-Safe Mode And Vehicle Stalls

Electrical interference may cause the hybrid system to enter a fail-safe mode, and disable the vehicle engine from operating. This would also limit vehicle speed to 40 miles per hour, and the make the vehicle stall when the battery loses its charge. Dealers will update the hybrid system software free of charge to resolve the concern.

Honda Recalls 2005-2006 Models Due to Faulty Fuel Pump Relay

Honda has recalled 2005 Accord, Odyssey, Acura RL, TL, TSX, and 2006 Ridgeline models because the fuel pump relay may fail. This can prevent the fuel pump from operating, which may cause the engine to stall or not start. Dealers will replace the fuel pump relay.

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Honda Accord Hybrid Reviews

everything on the HONDA hybrid is Japan's revenenge for the A bomb. Nothing on this HONDA hybrid is right. The parts are very expensive and its a classic lemon. After 80,000 its a bucket of wasted money and the pitful fuel savings are down the drain. HONDA are you listening to your A bomb revenenge. I am out thousands of dollars for Japan's HONDA rise bowl, I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER MADE IN JA...
2005 Honda Accord Hybrid with 245,000 miles. I was lucky and have had no warranty work in the warranty period. This car has been the easiest car to keep than any I have every owned. The only none schedule maintenance was a inoperative noise canceling system that occurred at about 110,000 miles. The car when running on 3 cylinders ECON Mode would make a annoying hum. Because of my engineering ba...
I bought this car used and wished I would have did more research and if you have one I suggest you get rid of it. There's a loud noise at times, have did some research and some people say its a noise cancellation problem inside the speakers. The biggest problem I'm having is the IMA battery. The engine light and the IMA came on at the same time took it to the dealership they said I needed the r...

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