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Hi I have Ridgeline RTL 06 and I recently changed all my interior lighting to LED lights. I noticed after I finished the driver's door monitor indicator light is on. I thought maybe it was a faulty front door switch, so I swapped it with the back door switch. The problem did not go away, same indicator light was on, and because this indicator is somehow tied into the security, I can't lock my doors with the remote. I can lock the doors manually, however, the security LED does not come on. This circuit is also tied into the dome interior lighting. Therefore, the interior lights when the switch is set to the middle position (door) will stay on as well. I can turn those light off at the switch...Has anybody else had this issue. I would appreciate any help on this, I know there are a lot of ridgelines owners out there and any assistant would be great.
Ok had some major work done, replaced battery, head gaskets, fuel pump, hoses,
Cooling sensors (2). Was told running a little rough because compression effected from blown head gasket. Once on the road, runs well. Engine light on again with the VTM-4
temp would change from cold to warm but also the blower would change as well.
goes on and off by itself.
all the buttons and knobs seem to work fine, air just doesn't respond to commands.
Both brake light not working
where is the fuse for the navigation system located? My screen is blank and not turning on
Also the remote door does not work ether
Sounds like a lifter or valve tap. No check engine light. Runs fine except for noise.
Every time I unlock the in bed trunk it blows the power door lock fuse. I hope there is a way to bypass this so I won't have to do any rewiring.
Does seem to have a high volume of air flow
Even when lid is clearly closed it wont shut off. How can I bypass this. My security alarm will not turn on if this light doesn't turn off.
Turn signals do not work and light stays on dash for the left signal.
If I engage VTM-4 lock before light is on then disengage, the AWD works fine and warning light remains off. VTM-4 lock will only work if engaged while warning light is off.
It is similar to the noise when the back window is left open but louder. The only time the noise stops is when I brake.
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