1997 Honda Prelude Questions

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Left my lights on it killed the battery after the car started now the ac won’t work. Checked fuses all looks good.
i lost my keys and they dealership is telling me i have to order a new imobilizer etc is this true?
My prelude has been shuttering a lot from the front right wheel when I accelerate for about a month. The good majority of power is going to my left wheel when accelerating as well. Could this have anything to do with the ATTS?
My Prelude has an automatic transmission. The shifter takes several tries before it will go into "park".
Sometimes it is difficult to remove the key from the ignition lock cylinder. The dash shows a flashing green key. The lock cylinder is worn but, I need to know if the ignition switch should be replaced. When turning the key to the start position the car does not crank at all. The radio will sometimes go off in the run position when jiggling the key.
in the morning at 9 am this problum just started when weather started getting cold the car will rev and keep reving but wont turn over then when sun comes up and the engin get warm it will start right up and will run fine ive changed batterey changed spark pluges spark pluge wires changed out distributar cap and rotar could it be the headgasket? i hope not please help
after i replaced the radiator, my car would start some days and other days wont start, and now it wont start at all, what could be the problem.
my car wont start after radiator replacement. whats the problem.
I have been having uneven front tire wear for a long time. The inside edge is more worn out than the outside. It usually takes about 10,000 miles to notice this after putting new front tires on. Since I noticed the problem six years ago, I do not rotate my directional tires, so I do not wear my rear tires out prematurely as well. I have had alignment jobs done 4x since 2003. Honda did it 3x, 1x by a private garage. Honda changed the front driver-side inner tie rod in 2005 during one of the alignments, and the private garage changed the front driver-side outer tie rod in 2008. However, i noticed the problem still exists. Any ideas on what to do? Do I have something else wrong with my car? I've heard about laser alignment, is that better?
starts fine runs for about 2 seconds and turns rough, put timming light on and after the 2 seconds it starts missing and backfire/popback. compression is good. plugs 2,3 (I think)show wet. went in to honda for ign. recall 3 mo ago new plugs wires rotor. timming good. please help. thanks for your time. Jake
new plugs,wires,air filter,new coil,distruber too
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