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I just replaced the climate control unit, AC work good but when I switch to heat, it seems like the valve is not opening.
Recently my car has been violently shaking and vibrating when at a stop light. The problem only occurs when the car is warm.
I just replaced the brake light switch but still they stay on and now make a pinging sound anyone know how to fix this
I just replaced the brake light switch
usually between 4th to 5th gear is just cuts outs and dies. I will coast after is dies restart the car and when I put it back in gear and press the throttle is cut a off and dies again. repeat same said steps but then the car wouldn't start back up. I sat for a min or two and it started right back up. first I thought it only happened when it rained outside but it just happened twice on a beautiful hot summer day. I do have a a hole in my flex pipe but I just ordered a new flex pipe idk if the lack of pressure would cause a shott down like that but it seems unlikely.
The car will start but the petal wont disengage nor can I shift into any gear.I can manually pull on the petal to bring it to its "disengaged" position. The reservor is full of fluid and there seems to be nothing that is hampering the petal or clutch cable. Thank You for time...redheadache
They worked, i took my car in for some work at a shop and it came out and the wipers did not work anymore, could they have just blown a fuse?
I could start the car and it idle perfect. But when I try to revving it up the car start sputtering and the car seem to not go fast and check engine light comes on.
the air conditioning drain is clogged
the compressor of my 95 lude broke down, i replace it but the mechanic is telling me that i need an extra fan in front of the condenser to protect the compresor for breaking again, i replace the stock radiator to thicker racing radiator and i removed one the fans between rad and engine... no space... the ac was already broken when this happen.... is this true? will i need a fan to help keep the condenser cooler. if yes which one is recommended....thanks juan
Is there a plug you disconnect and jump when servicing A/C the compressor isn't cycleing
My car died driving down the road and won't start. Im trying to see if the fuel pump is the problem. How would i start to see if the fuel pump is the problem.
I have a 95 prelude and the clutch started to go out about 2 months ago... I took it in and had a new clutch installed... within 15 minutes of teh new clutch being installed it started going out again... so i took it back and got yet another clutch and had that installed... it is still faulty... is this a problem with my car? Both are brand new clutches.
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