1994 Honda Prelude Questions

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been happening for a couple months, have to turn on and off key and play with clutch and put in reverse. but now not starting at all
paid 2000.00 to replace 1700.00 in engine repair
My prelude has an F22b1 and it sputters when i accelerate and aswell as loss of power accelerating. It also stalls due to low rpms when i stop at a light or sign. Just changed spark plugs and distributor cap idk whats wrong
there is oil leaking around the seal on top of the engine
I tested solenoid it has 16 ohms resistance an seems to be clicking good when I apply 12 volts
The first time i noticed it wasn't working i got in the car and cranked it and the belt was squeling but air was coming out of the vents, until i cut the fan off then it did not come back on. I am not sure if it is the motor or relay, what and how should i trouble shoot this and where is the blower motor.Thanks Denny
I turn on car, idle, it overheats. Thermostat is new/tested. Switches are new/tested. Heat sensor works just fine and was tested. I have no A/C fan turning, no Electronic Radiator fan turning. I get no heat inside the car and I overheat ONLY when idling/not moving. This was an engine swap (H23 to F22) by previous owner. Any thoughts?
when I attempt to start car it makes a click and I lose all power if I undo the neg. battery connection and reconnect power is returned but will not start and clicks again withj loss of, lights, door buzzer etc
trying to find out timing replaced the head
Car will be running great, but about once a month something happens that totally fries the distributor.When this happens the car does not give any kind of warning. It just will not crank the next time. I have put two new distributors in it, about 30 days apart. The timing seems fine. Car doesn't backfire. Runs smooth. Could this be a ground wire shorting out somewhere? If so where would I begin to search for this wire? If someone knows the answer to this, I sure would appreciate it. These distributors are getting costly. I have the dist's put on, but nobody seems to be able to tell me what is causing them to short out in the first place.
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