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On the third (top) brake light cover, I have a small piece that sticks out of the main molded peice. This piece broke off and it has a small spring in it. What is this piece for? The brake light still work fine, and wondering if it was some type of option.
And which is more reliable? I just read on a Toyota forum, that to change the water pump and fix the chain on the highlander (if it ever breaks), the engine has to be lifted up. This translates to thousands of dollars... I am considering a new car purchase and I am between these two, and maybe a Subaru Outback. Would like an SUV that is reliable, and with easy access to the engine, for repairs. When I think about the Pilot, these are my concerns: The 3 piston shut off at highway speeds, the start and stop, and the 9 speed transmission. Are these reliable technologies? Heard that the Acura TLX had transmission problems years back. I usually keep my cars for 200,000 plus miles, and would like to have something reliable and easy to work on. Which of these three vehicles would you say meets my criteria the best? I am really between the 2015 or 2016 Highlander and the 2016 Pilot. This is a new redesign for the 2016 Pilot, which is another concern. Should I wait for the 2017 Pilot, after the kinks have been worked out? Any feedback concerning the Pilot reliability throughout the years, and which ones of these vehicles is more trouble free. Thank you.
Started my car this morning and the entire audio/information screen is blank. The radio will not work, the reverse camera will not work, and the thermostat will not show up. I can heat the car, but I can not tell what temp it is on. Any ideas??
Can't select 2015 Pilot, but that is what I have. This morning after starting, door alarm chiming while interior lights on while driving. Won't turn off. All doors are closed. Can't turn interior lights off. dashboard showing all doors open. OMG...HELP!
Anybody who knows how to uninstall step by step on a liftgate of a 2013 honda pilot ex-l 4wd.any advice will help. Thanks
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