2010 Honda Pilot Questions

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Got the oil changed they forgot to reset for oil change. On the way home engine light came on and drive light flashing. Drive light went out but engine light has stayed on for three days now.
Headlights dim when traveling at night. Seems to be tied to the econo mode. Had the Battery load tested and okay and alternator seems to be working correctly.
Slow to accelerate when driving. Mechanic claimed it was a bad Pressure Sensor? Said it was a common part for Pilots and that I needed a new one
When I put in park it does flash,I have checked fluids they are ok so what do I need to do?
Possible problems
I replaced stabilizer link and rattle still happens on light to heavy bumps
I had to have both front rotors replaced at 40K miles because of warped rotors. Now dealer says I need front compliance bushings need to be replaced. is there a correlation here? rotors were replaced under warranty.
After change of tyre, my indicator lights on the dashboard are permanently on - ABS, VSC and VTM4. What is wrong?
Need to get papers back that went under the front of the console, off the cover
There is a power steering leek. The dealer is going to replace the rack. They gave no explaination. This seams severe, should I question this repair and should I make sure they do an alignment.
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