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Driver side airbag light indicator is on... was told cable at the airbag needs replaced.
rotors were replced approx 5,000 miles ago on front but again the rotors are again warped?
Air conditioning system works fine, makes no noise, gas mileage is same. System was checked unsolicited, told my wife pressure is too high and system needs to be serviced. He couldn't tell me how high, just "It is over 70." Is this BS or do I need to have service?
Dealership told me that the engine harness is badly corroded and needs replacing. Would like to investigate to see what would cause this, as the cause may be under warranty, as the harness replacement is not. Anyone else experience this? Thanks!
no codes show up
Have checked p steering fluid. Isn't that kind of sound as it occurs at higher speeds. Feels more front than rear. Front U-joints? Rear diff?
The rear A/C on our '09 Pilot has stopped blowing. I read that a failed power resistor in older model Pilots was the problem, but unsure about our model. Has anyone here had a similar problem and how much did it cost to repair or replace?
duel control only passenger side is cool I g
Change new tire couple months ago. When to Honda of Superstition Springs last week for 45000 miles check-up and change oil but was told that i have a torn and leaking front lower compliance bushing and will cost me 769 to fix it and i don't see any leak on my garage . Is this a reasonable price to pay? Is it safe to drive with this problem?
I believe it is leaking out the seal where the pump suction stem inserts through a rubber grommet. I've tried sealing it with calk and other stuff but have not been successful.
It sounds like its coming from the front of the car.
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