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my 2005 pilot wont start. it will crank over but it won't start.
Its making loud noises on passenger side under the hood. It also stalled on us once. We drove it to a store, put it in park, but as soon as we put it in any gear it would just stall. Anyone have any clue what this could be? Hoping just a bad tensioner
Recently had 3rd and 4th gears pressure sensors replaced. Now cruise control does not turn on/set speed.
I had the car towed and added water to my battery and cleaned it. Got a jump from someone and the car ran fine. Later that day it did the same thing again. Went and had battery and alternator tested and both test good. So what do I need to do to find out whats wrong. It doesn't do it all the time.
This is an intermittent problem which makes it very hard to get fixed. There is a loud knocking sound coming from the front right. It only happens when you accelerate (immediately). When it's "bad" it sounds like hitting the frame with a hammer - a loud clunking noise.

I've already replaced all the motor mounts,sway bay links,control arms,both front drive axles and front rotors and pads
hi, I changed brake pads for 2005 Honda Pilot. After changing it, the car doesn't turn on. On dash board ABS, TPMS, VSA light on & click continuously & doesn't turn on the engine. Pls suggest. Thanks.
My car suddenly won't start. Installed a new battery but the problem persists. Have cleaned terminals and relay. It also lights up the "P" and "D" when the key is turned. This is something new. The starter solenoid is not making any click, so it appears that there is no power to the starter. Any suggestions?
It seems to be related to the rear heat being on. Someone on the internet showed that the sound went away when rear heat was off. It has not been cold enough for me to try it this fall. Also When the engine warms up you can put the fan on low and then gradually increase fan speed.
Airbag recall performed 2 weeks ago and SRS light on ever since. Took it in today and they state that the front impact sensor needs to be replaced and it is not related to the recall service performed. SRS light was not on before the recall service.
I've had the two error codes P0420/P0430 for years and need to pass inspection. Ive already decided to get the catalytic converter replaced even though its an old car bc its been great, almost no problems since Ive owned it. My questions are since its an old car and Im only going to keep it another year or two can I get the cheapest Cat converter I can find that fits and should I order both a front and rear cat converter. thanks!!
05 Honda Pilot, 200k miles, need new engine and transmission. We don't know if we should do it or just trade in for new car? Money is an issue...
I have a 2005 Honda Pilot. Changed rear pads. Noticed the pins that hold the caliper have a little play left to right. Is this normal? Also, replacing the inside pad is REALLY tight. How snug should those be? Since I have changed the brakes there is a squeak and seems like the pads don't float correctly.
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