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My 2004 Honda Pilot does the "woosh" in 4th. gear at low rpm around 40 MPH. I know it's not something loose underneath because the RPM goes up as the engine revs up. Just had the tran fluid changed at 99,000 and now I have 117,000. Never noticed it before the change, maybe I should of left well enough alone. Going to get the fluid changed to see if it makes a difference. Hoping there is a recall.

What seems to make the problem better or worse? It runs then after a few minutes it'cut off but will restart after five minutes and run
How long have you had this problem? It just started today
It want start
When I turn on the ac you can hear the fan kick on but nothing happens. When I turn on the heat nothing happens at all.
Front heat and air works fine
Knock sensor malfunction
Code P0325
this started when construction started on my street
my engine light came on also. there is construction going on and the road is really bumpy that's when I started to have problems.
The back left speaker makes a horrible(loud) static noise only when turning left. Seems like some kind of loose wire, but everything's been checked out. Next step is replacing head unit. Anyone ever experienced anything like this?
Removed exhaust already
I had an autobody shop lift the top panel on my 2004 Pilot while it was in there for an accident repair since this water leaking has been an ongoing problem while raining and during a car wash. They didn't find any issues with the panel; however, it continues to leak. I take off the plastic cover of the light to release the water and dry it out. How is repaired?
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