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My radio will not turn on at all. How can i fix that problem?
I came across a 1999 Honda Passport and it's a really good price for the shape it's in. I know they are Isuzu and I was wondering if parts would be scarce? or if that's not a real concern .

99 Honda passport driver side windshield wiper will not work.
Always starts up fine. When old transmision went it was jumping gears then it wouldn't move at all. We just installed a new transmission & will not move at all still. Would like any help on what could be causing this. Thank all you dearly in advance.
how many quarts do i use
new fuel pump 30 days ago. Went to the store came out and the engine will turn over but will not start. The battery is fully charged.
1999 Honda passport has 140,000 on it. Clean vehicle no rust checked fluids and everything is full and color of fluids looks good just can't figure out why it won't reverse up a incline but will on flat ground all day without a problem
i started a car audio project and while under the hood i noticed that many of the connections to the terminals/post were bad. i cut off many of the wire connectors and replaced with new ones. i came upon a problem when i couldnt remember how these two wires were connected to the positive on the battery. it is two black wires that come up together in a tube with another black wire coming out the side of the tube 3/4 of the way. the problem is that i cant remember how the wires came together and hooked up to the positive side. i started to investigate pictures i took before i started and those two black wires with a third coming out the side connect together and ran to the positive with a black wire w/red stripe. so on the positve side i had my amp wire hooked to it and this black/red wire. i cut open the tube holding the two wires and the third coming out the side and to my confusion the wire coming out the side was actually just the bottom half of one of the black wires connected to nothing. i'm very confused and cant tell from my pictures i took how to reinstall them. my battery wont even work without them. Please Help
Its automatic. I start driving and within 1/2 mile it kicks out of 4wd. I can reach down and hold it in but its akward. First time in the 4 years I've owned it. Help!
It's automatic. Never done this before in the last 4 winters we've owned it. Just started.
they replaced valve cover gaskets and head gaskets and all of the cam plugs and all the o-rings we could find
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