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My fuel gauage does not work. It always reads E & light flashes.. I was told by a shop I'd have to replace my fuel pump... About every 200 miles i automatically fill the tank. That lasts me at the most 3/4days. Could there possibly be another reason to why I'm is empying so quickly?
All dash lights came on and Los power then died thought it could be fuel pump but noticed ecm fuse was blown replaced it and it started but blew again tried 3 more times and the same thing happened
when its first started and cold if i pull out a little to fast it acts like it jumps out of gear then back in and when cold if going down hill the tranny will not engage the next gear like from 2 to 3 unless i give it acceleration. Any ideas on this could it serviced or solenoids replaced maybe or what?
why would this be and also when in gear, not in neutral it makes a grinding howling sound, what is my problem?
All codes point to shift solenoid, but I'm having a hard time locating it. The transmission is Inclosed I'm hoping it's not inside the stupid thing. Does anyone know where I can locate it? I'm working on it myself because one mechanic flat out said new transmission with out even letting me explain or seeing the vehicle. Please help I just want to know where a shift solenoid is on a Honda passport 4wd 1998. Thank you
I think its the hub well at least that's what a mechanic told me and of course being a woman and knowing a little about cars, I don't know it that's what it is
Both my driver side and passenger side doors will not open from the outside and if I roll the window down the door flys open and will not shut unless I roll the window back up
get it fixed and it should be fine. Is that a red flag not to buy. I haven't been able to test drive it yet
I put a new pump in but when i turn the car on it doesnt make any noise or pump any fuel i can trip the relay manualy and then it pumps is this a relay problem
it just started today drove fine before went to put key in an lights come on but wont turn over dose not make any noise an it is like it is stuck in gear
But the wires from the aftermarket switch are colored differently than the ones on the original?????
Why is it when i put my passport in reverse or drive it starts shaking.... and then feels like it wants to die o

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