1997 Honda Passport Questions

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see above no other details.
On the '97 model,the abs sensor is in the rear on top of the rear axle.I was able to disconnect the plug and twist it 360 degrees,but I couldn't get it to pop out!What should I do?
no start problem next day started turn of but would not start agian.fuel pressure is time.
Where is the trans dip stick located at
Wher can I find the fuses?
I have no blower at any fan selection.
what are the speaker sizes front and rear
just need direction already have the parts
We have tried the heavy oil 20x50 to reduce the "ticking" noise from the lifters but didn't really work. Any advise other than replacing the lifters?
Just replaced the alternator but the brake and battery lights are still on.Plus my battery is only charging below 10 volts.The alternator is a remanf. one.I took the alternator off and had it checked at the auto parts store.They said it tested good but why is it not charging.I also have a new battery in my passport.Do you think it would be best to take the alternator off and just buy a new alternator
Where do you pour the transmission fluid, cause i had someone pour the fluid in the panel where you shift the gear. He opened t and pour it down there. Is that right ad if not will it hurt the car?
ive been told i have a sealed transmission, i dont have a dipstick to check it. does the transmission need servicing just like any other trans. or is a special needs trans.?
Can someone tell me why my Passport only overheats in cold weather? I've driven all year with no problems, and now that cold weather is back, it is once again overheating. We thought the problem was fixed (new thermostat, hose and radiator check, water pump check, fan check) but it has arrived, yet once again, with winter.
How do you replace the timing belt ...step by step...I LOVE my Passport and it was running Great then just died. The belt is not broke all the way but is coming apart so I think it skipped timing...
my rear anti lock brakes have engaged after having some alternator problems(not charging battery) what should i do
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