1997 Honda Passport Questions

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My a/c unit went out - working one day/not the next. Not blowing or cooling. Took it into Firestone. They replace the a/c unit and it blew out - did it again - same result. Said it was the alternator. I was not having any alternator problems before bringing it in. They replaced the alternator and it did not work. Tried another alternator unit also did not work. Now have sent the car to an electrical shop to further diagnose. Sounds like they screwed up and now don't know what to do. Any thoughts?

The angle is too great and the CV axles break. Will a differential drop work? If so, when can one find this?

sunny weather car will not drive unless in 2 and not go above 30 mph. while on rainy days car drives perfect in drive. what can cause the problem?

how to replace hydrolic clutch

where is the flasher-turn signal relay unit located? under the hood or in the car?????? i have the part just don't know where it goes!!!! Someone has to know!!!!!!

here is the flasher-turning unit relay located on the passport? In the car or under the hood? Where>>>>>>

where is the flasher -turn signal relays located? in the car or under the hood

where is the flasher -turn signal relays located? in the car or under the hood

where is the flasher -turn signal relays located? in the car or under the hood

any ideas?

can i put a bigger thermostat in it.any helpfull tips would be great

What do codes p1393 and p1406 mean?

Right rear axle leaking grease. Have found several different sets of instructions for replacing bearing and seal but none seem to accurately describe this vehicle. Axle appears to have part of the abs system (looks like a gear)on the axle on the inside of the bearing. Apparently this must be removed before the bearing and seal can come off. How do I do this? Is it pressed on and off. Is there a bearing retaining ring in front of the bearing? Thanks