1996 Honda Passport Questions

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Checked fuses they are OK and checked the bulb it's fine too I don't know what else to do
Reverse works fine but won't go forward unless winter button is pressed. Also transmission slips sometimes when going down the road. I changed the fluid and filter but still no good. When I put it in drive it will move very slowly until I hit that winter button it takes off in 2nd or 3rd gear then at 20mph the winter goes off and the car drives fine except for the occasional slipping.
just replaced bad water pump replaced timing belt engine had quit and had to be towed home, so after repairs it still turns over like its out of time. i went by the manual so not sure on timing marks
water is not circulating through motor
seems like it tries to engage but do not go all the way in
Windshield washer, radio and some inside lights don't work. I think a main fuse must be blown. I have checked fuses under hood and inside. Where/what main fuse's should I be checking?
It should go down to 0 but it idles fast. what is doing this. I replaced throdle cable and 4 02 speed sensors and h20 sensor and cleaned the idle control valve. what else can I do?
The timing is set and it well NT run it truns over like it wants to and trys to but well NT I just need help thank u
I have replaced the head,timing belt got it all in time still willnt start also put a new crankshaft sensor its got great fuel and the head has 175 psi on the compression what else can I check to see if it will ran
a timing belt and tentioner. I had a water pump a few years ago. What will I have to pay to get it fixed.
While the car is on, the muffler and or exhaust I believe shakes and makes a ticking noise. it idles and sounds a little loud and sounds like a diesel, or motorcycle even. Is the tail pipe connected to muffler, if so it looks like the pipe is not inside the muffler all the way..I'm really confused and just moved here to California, cant afford anything expensive. Don't want to have to junk it because of CElight, if so I'll drive back to Iowa.
In attempt to fix check engine light, I replaced spark plugs. Which by the way, how do I know If they're installed correctly? Also after tightening a spark plug to fix a high pitch chirping noise, I drove it around the block and CELight flashed a few times and reamained on. The old spark plugs had oil on them and there is a minor oil leak. I just want to fix the cheap stuff, not (catl converter god forbid). It sounds like a diesal
Have power going in to coil packs but nothing registers coming out. Was having initial problem of starter grinding but still starting. Was in body shop being repaired and then they couldn't get it to start after they finished work. Body damage was in front passenger corner. 5mph impact.
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