1995 Honda Passport Questions

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I have a 1995 passport with very rusty and gunky gas tank. Am trying to clean it out, but it may be a lost cause. I have access to a 20000 passport. Will gas tank from it fit my '95?
I have no power and it's still burning gas like no other and I can't figure out what is wrong. While the truck is started it smells like gas please help
Been told it was the computer?? Noone in town has diagnostic equipment to find the problem.
It will start up perfectly fine and when i put it in drive and press the gas it will not move i tried in all other gears and it will move in revers but no other ones i need help
When the check trans light turns on it won't accelerate. But then I turn off truck and turn it back on it goes back to normal...
Bought truck from private seller in October, checked oil last week before noise started and it was really thick.
Clicking noise that goes faster when accelerate truck.
I got all my power and it clicks when I turn key but won't turn on is there a safety sensor
does it in all gears I've replaced wires plugs fuelfiler oxygen sensor an airfilter any ideas does it always
Which is best for a South Florida climate?
is their some thing wrong with the brain that's what another shop I took it to said
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