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I had my engine filter changed at Jiffy Lube when I got my oil changed at the end of January. Today, I was accelerating into traffic and my car just pretty much quit. It reduced speed down to a crawl and then stalled out. I was able to restart it and pull off the road, but later in the day when I drove, it wouldn't start easily and took awhile before it stopped the crawl/shaking and then I could drive it. The dealer says it is the result of a damaged MAP sensor. My car has 40,000 miles on it. The dealer also says this is probably the result of the filter that was put in at Jiffy Lube being incorrect and maybe too large to allow the airbox cleaner to close all the way. They are telling me it is a 600.00 fix and my extended warranty won't cover because they are blaming it on the Jiffy Lube air filter. My question is, if the airbox cleaner was open for two months, would this have happened sooner? Trying to figure out how to get this paid for. by either my extended warranty or JL.
The key gets me inside the car, but I don't see anyway to start the car with the key. Is there a way?
vehicle was parked. Started it. Lights and wipers would not come on. After about an hour, they came on. The dealer says they cannot find a problem. The vehicle has 9000 miles on it.
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