2014 Honda Odyssey Questions

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I bought the vehicle in late July and this wrench symbol just appeared on the dashboard. I'm not sure what this indicates.
Only vibrates while braking, not accelerating or cruising.
As me or my wife is driving, it auto-shift often jerk the car as if it has trouble shifting to higher or lower gear automatically. We always ended up pulling to the side of the road to turn off and turn on the car to recalibrate the ignition. No Honda factory tech can dignose the problem but ask us to bring it in WHEN it happen again. By that time, there will be a risk of MAJOR accident ready to happen and a future lawsuit involved.
the mechanic ask me if I have heavy foot, not complaining about the gas consumption but for how slow is the car seems like the brakes are stuck
Referencing the Ridgeline not the Odyssey
Would I be able to just install the navigation disk?
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