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I have a 2013 honda odyssey the check battery sensor is on how do i get it off

How long have you had this problem? quit when battery died. replaced battery ac still don't work.

How long have you had this problem? just staeted sudenly.
In the past ten months I've had to change all my spark plugs and cylinder coils twice. I'm burning through oil too. Rhett problem started at about 65k miles and had not stopped. My husband was in his car behind me and noticed that my car was randomly shooting out smoke from my exhaust. I called Honda and they were no help at all. I do not know what to do and need help.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Replacing the oil, coils and spark plugs just seems to be a band aid. What makes it worse is accelerating, especially in an incline
How long have you had this problem? 10 months
need to use the data port for emission echeck.
this noise occurs every time.
This my wife's van. Check engine light stayed on today. I took it to the dealership per owner's manual. Mechanic is telling us that oil pump spring is stuck causing oil pressure changes and check engine/ malfunction light to come on. Van has 59,500 miles and regular maintenance with no prior problems. Dealership recommends replacing oil pump spring and will take 5 hours as it is time consuming work. Do you agree with their assessment?
I tried removing fuse 13 on the passenger side, waiting 30 sec, then replacing it. No joy. Checked all fuses having to do with the side doors; all seem OK to my untrained eye. What next?
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