2011 Honda Odyssey Questions

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I need to know to remove the small drawer below the radio
My odyssey was not equipped for towing from the factory, what is is needed to add so I can tow a small boat?
there is a cd stuck in the cd player, is there an easy way to get it out -- when I put eject error message says bad disk.
Does not go off until the weather gets extremely hoy
Sounds like it is at front of vehicle, stops when speed is below 30
Can I get a quote for the automatic door repair?
After coasting a little, the engine seems to return to idle. Have to depress gas pedal several times for it to "catch" and regain power. Feels like fuel or spark missing. Problem is random but always after coasting down from speed. It may happen two to five times and then run okay.
Both of these issues happen occasionally and can not be duplicated when the car is taken to service? Sometimes the back up camera issue seems to happen in the heat? There is not clue as to why the dash lights dim or go out?
Since then the transmission slips are getting worse! When shifting between third and fourth gears (gradually accelerating), the transmission seems to hang up between gears and makes an audible noise and vibration.

The continued vibrations may be causing collateral damage on other parts of the van...we've had transmission problems on the Honda Odyssey since we drove it off your lot!
Their computer said it was PO303. All they did was replace spark pugs 1-4. If oil was on the spark plug wouldn't that indicate another problem? Car has 48,000 miles/
Neither the key fob nor control panel will open either door. They will open manually, but are heavy.
Bought it used last Nov (2013). Has 1 yr dealer warranty. Door started popping and hesitating on closure within couple months. Dealer greased hinge or something like that. But this evening when starting to leave, the kids opened the door OK but then it would only close 1/2 way, make a funny sort of grindy noise then reopen.

Can I close it manually wihout damaging things further? Inspection of tracks doens't show anything being blocked.
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