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how do you know when it should be replaced and under what conditions
I have a 2009 Honda Odyssey and for the last 2 weeks my check engine light has been on. My engine also sounds like it has a knocking in it. I was recently told that the knocking could be a bad harmonic balancer. Just yesterday I was driving home and as I made a turn my engine shut off. I pulled over and tried to start it back up. I was successful at restarting the engine but then it started revving by itself. It stayed between 2,000-3,000 rpm. I’m not sure what to do. PLEASE HELP!!! When my check engine light first came on 2 weeks ago the codes where cylinders 5 and 6 and random misfire so I changed spark plugs and check engine light is still on. Don’t know what else to do.
anyone have this problem
And i have to change all front and rear shocks, Cost 250+650
We have a 1995 and a 2009.
Dealership is attempting to attribute this on the type/brand of gasoline, but that hasn't changed in the 5+ years I've owned the van. The wife is a creature of habit and nearly always buys gas and washes car at the same service station. Dealer also trying to point to my spouse... that her driving habits have changed? Don't tell her I said so, but she's actually a good driver. Smooth on gas and the brake...Not a speed demon nor a grandma behind the wheel. She's the only driver of this car. This MPG decline coincides perfectly with the recall repair. What do I say to get the dealership to take a thorough look at their recall work to find the issue?
knock sensor
only during parking position only.
We have to hit the unlock button and open the doors quickly before the whole car locks back up on it's own.
The rear hatch cylinders in my 2009 Odyseey LX have failed. Are they easy to replace? Are any special tools required?
Does the 2009 Odyssey have a Dash Light Dimmer Switch?
Can a poor tire rotation job, prior to a long trip, cause your wheel bearing to go bad?
We have an 2009 Honda Odyssey EX-L. Need to know the location and how to change the Dust Pollen cabin filter.
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