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My car is not moving fine, the gear selector is not going beyond D4 and all the door lights areare on on the dashboard
Car not moving fine, dashboard is showing lights and D4 is blinking
While driving, my battery light came on, indicating the battery was discharging. Had a fairly new battery in but it tested dead. Replaced the battery but the van still won't start. I'm also seeing some smoke and smelling a slight burning odor, even though the car isn't running.
This problem just started yesterday.
Poor gear selection or a delay in gear selection
Is it possible to fix this on your own?
It only happens when the car is cold
I need some help
Temp. 177, Map 4.7 lbs./min., Rpm 2092, Speed 39, MAF 1.250, Egr 0%, Evap. 0%, Stft B1 27.3, Ltft B1 19.5 and same for B2
I backed into a telephone pole. Appears sensor that sounds when backing up is slightly damaged. Now it beeps entire time of backing. Can sensor be repaired/replaced an how much?
2005-2010 Odyssey has a poor suspension in all model lines and even Consumer Reports notes this. I have an 08 Odyssey LX and would like to know if I were to swap the EX-L or Touring suspension into my LX would it help it to be more stable yet still have good riding comford? I got 96000+ on the stock spring but 3000 on monroe struts and shocks.Dont like the set up at all, poor control,soft, sway around corners, but If I change every thing I want to stay with all Honda parts because I dont think mix and maching parts on suspensions is a good idea.
Dealership has had my car for 7 weeks. Has misdiagnosed the issue now twice and replaced parts that didn't need to be replaced based on "these are typically the parts that cause the alarm to go off without cause." Now they say they've found a leak that caused the driver's side fuse box to short out and had to replace it.
when would this be necessary and what should the cost be
I have a 2008 honda odyssey with 48,533 miles on it . My transmission is making a buzzing sound when it shifts . It usually Happens when the van is wormed up.the sound only lasts for a second. Could it be a solenoid? There is no slipping at all. I did notes the transmission was half a quart over filled, I toke the excess out. I had the van on cruse control doing 65 and at times it would still makes a sound, that would last half a second.
I toke the van to be check he said let it break completely. See if honda would help
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