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Just had a shop charge me $1800 to replace AC compressor, dryer, expansion valve, condensor, then evacuated and recharged AC system. Said noise was bad AC compressor, even though AC was still working okay. Repair has been done, AC works fine, but I still hear the noise when AC is turned on. What could it be?
Brake and tail lights light together
When the brake pedal is stepped on,both the brake and tail light light’s up
The key works, but the door doesn't open.
At how many miles should the drive belt and/or drive belt tensioner be replaced?
All the time engine light is Lways on
My car's battery dies,recharged battery,I run my car to Smog Check Station for renew registration test. Test was fail because car need more time to RESET Computer .
I don't know how to Reset Computer System
Had oil changed and alternator replaced in my van. Noticed oily leakage next day and took van back to shop thinking it was engine oil. They said engine filter and cap was fine so I left. Next day still noticed more leakage so went back to shop for 3rd time. This time they said it was power steering fluid leaking as they had to disconnect hose in order to replace alternator and power steering fluid leaked onto engine. They cleaned engine, checked hose and fluid and said it was fixed. 8 days later I'm still seeing some leakage. None of this leakage was there prior to the service. Is this shop guilty of puncturing a hose or something and they are giving me the run around trying to cover it up or are they telling the truth? and why would there still be leakage?
The motor whines and then the latch pops as the door opens. Some times it will whine and fail to open. There are times it works as it should but I'd like it fixed. The part cost is about $400.00 from what I searched on GOOGLE but what's the TOTAL repair cost with labor and where do I go to get it done? The videos I looked at on youtube on how to replace the motor assembly looks like more than I want to tackle on my own. I thank you for any help you can give me.
Is there a fuel filter in line that needs to be changed on this vehicle
Where exactly is it located?
when I turn my key I don't hear any clicking the car won't start but the battery is ok the lights come on in the house
The dash tells me I have 10% oil life left. How many more miles can I go before I have to change it?
Driver side window is only one working.
Replaced #10 fuses for my non working high beams and still don't work - what should I do next
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