2006 Honda Odyssey Questions

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The rear passenger door on my mini van doesn't close properly. Has anyone else complained of the same thing? And, is Honda gonna do anything about it. I have Grandbabies that ride in there, and young children. It's not exactly a safe thing.
When the car is on there is a clicking noise coming from behind the car dashboard
When I put the van in gear to back up it makes a beeping sound and won’t shut off after I open the side doors. Now it’s pulling down the battery so it won’t start. What would I look for to get this fixed? What is the radio code for my 2006 Honda Odyssey. They unplugged it thinking it was the radio that was pulling the battery down
At first it was just hard to open and then gradually the handle would not work at all. I need to know how to fix the problem and how much it would cost?
There is no pattern to this problem. The Honda repair says it works every time I take it in.
The back unit works perfectly.
Can someone tell me what it can be?
I checked the low pressure gauge and it was in the red. I got it to zero and recharged the system. As soon as I started, it got back in the red. What could be the problem?
if bumper was hit on left most corner would it damage bumper shocks or does an impact have to happen at rear only?
Check engine light is also on. I have only had this vehicle for 3 weeks but the place I bought it isn't exactly helpful we will just say that. It only happened when I stopped and then 2 days later it started happening even while I am driving
I try to open the slide doors with the key remote or even the back hatch. And it don't do anything.... is there a fuse ???.
no power to rear sliding doors. at the same time it seems that power sunroof goes almost all the way shut but will not take the last step and seal to the roof.
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