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the vsa dash light as well as the brake light on the dash are on and they both stay on . Is there a way to fix the problem and what could the problem be? I have changed the oil like I should and have done the proper maintenance.
Gauge goes up everytime I stop and sit for a little bit
Playing with Dial scrolling unit switched off, won't display
Put key back in and tried to turn it on but won't move
I have 1/16 in. play in my passenger front tire. Is it recommended to replace both tire rods or just the one? I am having to replace both CV joints also. So replace them both while both tires are off?
I see talk of inner and outer cv joints. When buying and replacing cv axle do you have to buy separately or is it all one part. From looks of pictures it looks like it comes with everything needed.
On Saturday I parked and turned the car off while rolling the window up and the window stopped. Realized my battery was probably dead I tried to turn the car back on, didn't go. I got a jump start, and went driving around to charge the battery. First the radio turned off, and I noticed the dashboard lights flicker a few times, then later while going 80mph, the car turned off and was dead. A nice man stopped for me and jumped me and let it charge for awhile to get me plenty of juice to get home, and I went straight home and left the car there til I took it to the shop today. They tested the battery and the alternator and said they're both in great shape, and that there were no error codes in my car's computer, and that they checked everything else they could think of, all was fine. It couldn't have been simply a dead battery that caused it to turn off while in motion, could it have? And I hadn't left any lights on or anything draining the battery. Any ideas what might be the root cause?
I removed it for repair and the XM radio went away [I have a current subscription]
I have a honda oddesey 2003 it works fine we had it for a couple of years but this prblem we ran into a couple of weeks ago.
When we would turn on the ac in our minivan it would accelerate and dont know why.anyone know?
The vsa light came on and it started to bog down the other day but didn't died. Drove fine yesterday. Then the vsa light came on and just died.
How long have you had this problem? Couple of days
I have switched relays and the compressor will not cut on. I cannot recharge the system, the low side valve is leaking and I cannot bypass the clutch.
Key will not turn
My 2005 Honda Odyssey (Touring) Trouble Reporting System has thrown a Charging System Fault Message to the dash display indicator 2 times now.
In the first case it came on after leaving my house as I was driving and stayed on until I parked.
When I started the car about an hour later, the display was clear, and stayed clear as I continued to drive back to my home. Just as I was reaching my driveway it came on again.
The next day (display was clear) I drove to an Advance Auto store where they performed an electrical system check using their Automatic Diagnostic Tester. It detected No Faults. Also the belt was checked for damage or slack: No Problem; but also the Honda’s display was clear at that time.
The Advanced Auto guy suggested I take it to a Repair Shop where the alternator could be removed and tested OFF the car and the wiring and connections to it could be checked.
My 2005 Honda Odyssey battery keep draining and I don't know why but I noticed that the heat is on even I don't have it on ..I have replaced the battery and alternator and it works for 3 days and drain I was wondering if the heater being on can drain my battery...Help me please
Violent steering wheel shake at High Way speed.
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