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I have a honda oddesey 2003 it works fine we had it for a couple of years but this prblem we ran into a couple of weeks ago.
When we would turn on the ac in our minivan it would accelerate and dont know why.anyone know?
The vsa light came on and it started to bog down the other day but didn't died. Drove fine yesterday. Then the vsa light came on and just died.
How long have you had this problem? Couple of days
I have switched relays and the compressor will not cut on. I cannot recharge the system, the low side valve is leaking and I cannot bypass the clutch.
Key will not turn
My 2005 Honda Odyssey (Touring) Trouble Reporting System has thrown a Charging System Fault Message to the dash display indicator 2 times now.
In the first case it came on after leaving my house as I was driving and stayed on until I parked.
When I started the car about an hour later, the display was clear, and stayed clear as I continued to drive back to my home. Just as I was reaching my driveway it came on again.
The next day (display was clear) I drove to an Advance Auto store where they performed an electrical system check using their Automatic Diagnostic Tester. It detected No Faults. Also the belt was checked for damage or slack: No Problem; but also the Honda’s display was clear at that time.
The Advanced Auto guy suggested I take it to a Repair Shop where the alternator could be removed and tested OFF the car and the wiring and connections to it could be checked.
My 2005 Honda Odyssey battery keep draining and I don't know why but I noticed that the heat is on even I don't have it on ..I have replaced the battery and alternator and it works for 3 days and drain I was wondering if the heater being on can drain my battery...Help me please
Violent steering wheel shake at High Way speed.
grinding noise from the front wheel even after the rotors and brake pads have been replaced. What could be the problem?
one door opens in manual mode the other is only operating in automatic mode. should both work in manual mode
Why my 2005 Honda Odyssey made a noise when I turn it right?
When is the best time to replace the time belt for my 2005 Honda Odyssey?
When I speed up on a lower speed, my 2005 Honda Odyssey always made some noises.
Honda Ridgeline, 173,000. Driving 55 mph and everything goes off (stalls), I stop restart and go again...keep happening every few miles for 3 days and then it will not start outside my front door although engine is turning. its not kicking in. I Check fuses and they are okay. Could it be the gas pump? Help!!
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