2004 Honda Odyssey Questions

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Suddenly ac blows only hot air front only blows on highest setting. All rear settings work but only hot air. Did not notice anything amiss before this happened today
This known problem on many Honda makes and models meets every federal policy for factory recall and /or Class Action Law Suit. Honda is forcing class action. Attorneys are lined up for the opportunity. Contact honda certified letter and demand no cost navigation CD/DVD. This exceeds Apple iphone battery class action award! TAKE ACTION NOW!!!
I have a 2004 Honda Odyssey, the alternator belt snapped while I was driving. I have changed the belt, but now the car wont start. Any idea of whats going on? Thanks!
2004 Honda Odyssey dark blue. The paint is starting to peal off I remember years ago getting a recall notice on the paint but I don't see anything here about it. We have always kept it in the garage and washed by hand weekly, very sad about the paint.
Van rpm go up but no excelleration
i took a sharp left turn and it got loose. my husband drove it today and it happened when he took a sharp right turn. i notice it does get loose when I hit any hard bumps. I have over 193,000 miles and afraid its the axle
How long have you had this problem? just started today
I checked the fuse and that seems ok. Nothing in manual to show problem.
How long have you had this problem? recent
I LOVE MY VAN !!! My back up sensor has stopped working. What can I do to fix without taking to shop. Is it a blown fuse and where is the fuse located?
The lights are on but it want play is there a fuse behind the radio that may need to be replaced
What cause rpm to run high and the tcs light comes on and it starts having trouble shifting out of 2nd and into 3rd and its like it wont go in the higher gears you will be going fine when its cold then when it warms up it start to like shifting down and acting up
Some sort of elec short? When this happens, green key light doesn't light or flash, also shift lock won't unlock when brake is stepped on during problem. Sometimes a light to medium bump to the steering wheel fixes it...shift lock clicks and releases, then it starts. Again, it never fails to turn over, just no spark or no fuel. ?? Its happening more lately.
due to the cable being broke and still nothing it beeps like its being opened then nothing and you can hear it lock and unlock as well help
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