2002 Honda Odyssey Questions

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2002 Honda Odyssey - I was told that the front struts are starting to leak. what should it cost to replace the struts?
when in park when I put it in reverse it takes a couple of seconds .....then it bangs really loud and goes into banging when I go to any other gears ....any help
Happens all time all forward gears fine when shifting back to reverse and park with engine running they won't engage just clicks loud
does anyone have a solution for this
My van is an automatic and started acting up this past Saturday. The van is shifting hard, and according to the scan its cylinder are missing, and has something to do with the automatic clutch. You can hear it shifting hard or not shifting for that matter. You can not even shift it automatically either. I am being told so many different things. 1. the whole transmission will need to be replaced. 2. may just be a clutch plate. 3. to junk the car.
i turned car off to pump gas when i finished it wouldnt start my power windows also wont go up my radio will come on i have new battery and checked all fuses driver side passanger side and under acts like it wants to start it will turn over but no start There are no lights on dash not even seatbelt indecater light nothing will come on dash i was driven it just fine didnt have no indication anything might or was going to go out.
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