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the car is a 2001 honda odyessy, it starts but won,t go more than 20 mph,leaking oil. its blowing oil out of the muffler
My ac won’t turn off, even when I switch it to off
shows on the dash
2001 Odyssey 3.5. Getting P0401 EGR Flow. Found some oil in the square port of the EGR valve / thermostat manifold. Also there is air passing between square port and round port of same, when air nozzle is used to blow through round port.
Are the two ports supposed to communicate or has the manifold cracked or corroded.
Where is the oil coming from?
Im going to replace lower intake gasket.
Ac compressor stuck engaged. Clutch is gone, along with bearing. Ac was disconnected by a wire. But must have stayed engaged and stuck, nothing will get it to un engage and I've lost my clutch in the process. I need to get it out of engaged and by pass the ac system for now. How do I do this ? Really loud scrapping/grinding noise. First noticed 2 months ago and it was the ac unit grinding metal. So disconnected unit. Noticed again today and realized the clutch is gone and the ac is engaged and won't then off. Please help. Stays on when car is idealing, running. Ac turned on, Ac turned off.
The vehicle (01 Honda Odyssey) has the maintenance required light on and I do not know how to turn it off or know what the problem is?
was take a little trip a couple towns over got about 30 miles into the trip when I started smelling the smell of transmission fluid like it was burning looked behind me and there was white smoke every where so I pulled over to find that there was trans fluid every where toe it home the next day try to find the problem and there are no leaks no where at all then I discover it has an over flow vent tube ...witch sounds a bit stupid to me it will move a little bit but you have to give it a lot of gas when you put it in dive to go it want move yougive it a little push it will take off and go like its hanging up was where....can anybody tell me what cause this and if it is fixable or if I need to replace
My 2001 mini van's cruise is not engaging changed thebrake pedal switch checked the cruise switch, I disengaged the cruise using brake after that cruise is not getting engaged. Please help me solving the issue
Disconected the speaker used the key in the door and now it wont start ... help me please
front motor mount bad
i have been told the housing, also the gasket
Headlights wont turn on but blinkers, brake lights and hazards work
Drove to store one day came out and van wouldn't turn over or start lights all came on andown you can hear fuel pump in rear. But my TCS,ABS &oil light and battery light remain on and check engine light flashes a few times then stops it was running fine before going into store trying to narrow down the problem
Replaced 3 dizzy assembly about every 6 to 12months. Why keep doing it? Any recall? Any check needs to be done?
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