2000 Honda Odyssey Questions

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When you turn the key's everything work but when you try to start the engine turn but it doesn't try to start.
van has 140,000 miles trany slips when warm does not slip when cold
Press gas all the way to the floor but very slow to accelerate past 20 mph but past that pick up speed. Check engine light is on. Also when accelerating it feels like there is no gas going to engine and the engine is not running at a high RPM
I have read that the seal stripping needs replaced on the Honda Odyssey which will fix the too much suction issue that leads to them sealing too much and refusing to open. Rather than pay to replace these, is there a way to compromise the existing seals?
Every time I go to a certain gas station....always the one check engine light comes on after getting gas .......mechanics checked code cleared it like the third time this has happened.. today went back for check engine light to get mechanic say code for catalytic convertor shows up.....114K ???? They didn't tell me the code #

Thanks for any help
How do i get in the seat to fix the cables? my heater hose busted on the side panel but i can't fold the seat down, to take the panel off?
A lot of times when locking the van with the key or with the door switch, the van makes a loud grinding or sqeaking noise. What is causing it? We had to replace the door cable because it broke a year ago. About 6 months later the noise started. Please help!!! Thanks
Brake pads, rotors and drums have been replaced still squealing with stopping. Also the passenger sliding door motor makes a very loud sound when the door is being locked. It is getting very tiring to try to fix these issues to no avail. Please help!!!! Thanks
Van NEVER had any leaks, serviced it regularly oil/fluids etc. Now at 174,000K so took in as it sounded a little off figured it was time for a timing belt and they did the 105K plus a few extras like water pump, valve adj/gaskets. It now has a substantial leak in the teansmission and they want $1200. I feel like they caused this problem but they say no because it is "behind" where they were working. I feel trapped and taken advantage of. If a engine and transmission work together, and a motor mount is broken and timing service is done, can this cause the transmission to leak? Also, if the multipoint inspection shows that all was checked and with no problems, now they say this is a substantial leak and they do not recommend driving it.
Brake light, door open lights, and battery light all came on. Tightened the battery connections one was loose. Lights went off then came on again but went right back off.
how to replace altenator
can altenator be replaced by non mechanic?
this is a 4 cylinder autotransmission, all gears are shifting at around 32000 rpm ocasionally jerky shift
Is there any video that shows how to replace the valve cover gasket?
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