2000 Honda Odyssey Questions

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What could this be ? How do I check it ? Clean o2 sensers ?
The noise stops when the shifter is put into park . The noise is coming from the rear of the van on the drivers side .
The gasket O rings get pinched and won't seat evenly. I used a 27 mm socket to tap them into place.
The steering wheel is locked and the key won't turn.
how much should the parts and labor be to remove and replace a transmission in a 2000 Honda odyssey?
it happened suddenly. but the mini van didn't loose power
While driving my dash lights will come on followed by all dash gauges loosing power then the van stalls. It will take a jump start but only for a few seconds. After ilet it sit for a few hours to over night it starts but dash lights still on. This issue just started about two weeks ago.
All of a sudden my dash lights( battery doors open check engine and tcs) came on and then i lost all power. After making to the side of the road we had to get it jumped. Immediately the engine stalled. After 4 hours it fired up only to loose power again. 3 days later we finally get it home have the battery and alternator tested, of coarse it came back fine. We try to take it for a test run worked just fine. The next day 2 miles in to driving dash lights back on and gauges drop car still ran ( we turned around and went home). A few days later went for a drive worked perfect. After driving it for 3 days around town with no issue my dash lost all power. Then i had to punch it to gain speed.

Prior to this my van has been working perfect. Could my problem be a bad alternator or the alternator going out???
Please help im desperate
When should I change my timing belt? I'm not sure if it's ever been done and my van has 180,000 miles on it.
How do I reset the check engine light? I want to turn it off.
Why does my car shift hard when it's hot? It shifts hard into first.
My ac isn't as cold as it was, I need to know what kind it takes.
I believe it needs to be replaced because it has erratic shifting.
When I am in mud the tcs light comes on and it makes a grinding noise.
When i slow don or break the car cuts out
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