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Shifts into reverse but nothing happens first second third are they all shift into the gears and work fine but not when you put it in reverse they replace the tranny and now it just don't go into reverse transmission no noise no leaking
more often.last time it die was yesterday it did 3 times in a 30 mile stretch. I'm not driving it any more
the slidding doors got jammed and not opening.
how do i get the door open so i can repair it myself?
Once vehicle stopped - brakes resume functioning - very scary situation to say the least - anyone else?
Check engine is on. When it is read it says all cylinders (Spark plugs) are miss firing.
Any ideas?
ECM on 2004 has 1 single plug on back side ECM on 1999 does not have this plug in the harness. have no fire and D4 flashing on steering column. Can you help Thank You. Harry
Trouble code reported p1457. Is the a valve, and what should be done to correct this problem?
I checked ignition fuse, o.k., but I can't locate the starter to remove and have it checked. Is there a way to somehow bypass the starter to get started and get repaired?
Could it be somthing else? Thanks for any helpful response.
code is po1730 p1738 p1739 what cost for this, and what parts can i user?
i get code on my car, what is meaning....po1730, p1738, p1739. what parts i need for this
code isp01730, p1738, p1739. what cost a,d parts he need?
my car have this code...po730, p1738, p1739. what cost this and what parts i need.
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