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What else could it be besides the bulb?
My mechanic has changed the power steering oil, pump, and rubber hose but steering only turns when I drive 10 miles per hour and over. I gets hard (tight) whenever I press the brake to slow down to park.
1. In 'Park', if I rev my motor to 5,000 rpm it cuts out down to about 4600rpm then picks up back to 5,000. It repeats this about twice per second. 2. While driving and I hit the gas causing a downshift, the motor does the same thing (at a much lower rpm) No check engine light
Timing belt has 100k on it. Any ideas on what this could be, or a diagnostic direction I should go in?
it started a few weeks ago and now it only comes on when it feels like it sometimes its for a day sometimes for an hour or 2 its only annoying when the song is in stereo not mono im not very mechanically saavy when it comes to speakers and electrical problems
where would the oil be coming from
This happens in the afternoon or after long hours of driving. A technician suggested replacing camshaft sensor. Pls advice
Check other codes

P0740 TCC does not engaged
open or short circuit condition,
Poor electrical connection
failed TTC System,

P0706 open in transmission range switch circuit
Probable cause
Open or short circuit condition
Poor electrical connection
Faulty transmision range switch
1998 Honda Odessey, rebuilt transmission put in Feb., 2012. Every morning when first started "hugely" jerks into gear for about first 5 minutes of stops and starts. Then shifts into gear fine for the remainder of the day.
The mechanic said it would take a little while for it to shift properly. It has been more than a little while.
This is a very simple question which cannot be made any easier to interpret.
Will Engine Cleanes Help?
i have a 1998 honda odessey v6 it stop firing it carry a eternal coil i replace coil but still no fire what can cause this
Engine shuts down while driving and dash lights go out and turn signals don't work, but after pulling off to the side of road will start up. I might make it home before it happens again. The emergency flashers do work when this happens.
You cannot see the radio station display at night.
& what is the procces for change it?
I knew the old battery was on its last leg. Starting the engine always produced a slow chug-chug before it fired up... but it would reliably start every time. The battery finally gave out a few days ago, so my wife had AAA come and replace the battery.

Now, 9 times out of 10, when you turn the key you hear some motor/blower noise under the car like you normally would, but the starter doesn't turn over at all. All the lights are on, AC fan works, the battery seems fine. It just doesn't seem to be connecting and starting the car. After a number of tries with nothing happening, the car will start right up. Starter turning over fast, unlike with the previous battery.

Just can't figure out what's going on now that we have the new battery in it.
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