1997 Honda Odyssey Questions

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My honda all ov a sudden wont start nothing turns on when i turn key,was going fine yesterday
would a p-valve for a 97 accord work?
I replaced the worn out key. made by a dealer I Spray with w40 in the ignition key hole.
Sometimes not all the time, does this weather or cold weather
Doesn't seem to matter....engine shakes or makes a clunking sound when I start or shut off the engine
Slipping when changing gears, regularly, taking foot off accelerator helps change into next gear. Sometimes a nasty jolt when changing. Whining noise when entering into third gear aswel as when becoming stationary, everytime. Engine comes on and off when it wants to.
I need to replace the calipers and the brake rotor. I also need to swap the computer. I have a problem with a constant ticking noise coming from under the dash on the left side of the steering wheel and my indicator lights and signal lights flash in conjunction with the constant ticking. It still happens when I take out the ignition key. I have to take a post off the battery when I stop to prevent this from draining the battery.
I have a 97 Honda Odyssey it starts up Just fine and when i put it into drive it only goes a short distance then stops and wont drive any further, does this mean i need a new transmission or could it be a sensor?
tranny is making a humming noise
reaction. No interior lights.[hot wired] Hook up another battery, nothing. Check 100 amp battery fuse. ok.
Coclusion: you buy sophisticated equipment, you get sophisticated problems.
Your thoughts?
[I like things that crank.]
others gear position are no problem.
How hard is it to change a fuel filter for a 1997 honda odyssey?
My engine has been leaking oil for a while now. someone finally told me that its my oil pan gasket and that they need to drop the engine to do it. he gave me an esimate for 150 dollars. What will happen if I dont fix the leak?
Check engine light came on, diagnosed with ERRor code P1758 Lockup Solenoid Valve B fault. Had the transmission fluid changed and light stayed off about 2-3 weeks. I was on the highway @70mph and the light came back on.
While driving around town (stop & go traffic) the oil light came on and was flickering on & off. When the air conditioner was turned on, light went off. I check the oil and the level was fine. The next day, I changed the battery and had the alternator check which was fine. It took several miles before the oil light came back on. The did not come on while driving on the freeway. Today the oil light continues to flicker whether the AC is on or not. It seems to stay on at stop lights. And, is on while driving down the freeway.
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